Deleting a Topic

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Deleting a Topic

Postby admin » Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:40 am

Each user registered in this forum has the ability to create and delete replies to any topic. Although each user can create their own topic, they may not delete the topic they have created. Instead, the topic creator has the ability to LOCK the topic they have created so that no one can post replies. This is helpful when a user posts a topic in the classifieds section selling an item. When the item sells, the creator of the topic can then post a reply stating that the item has sold and then he or she can LOCK the topic from further replies. If the creator of the topic wishes to have the topic completely deleted from the forum, he or she must make a request by sending a message to one of the site administrators. Once the topic has been completely deleted, it will no longer be available for future searches in the forum.
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